What we did?

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Cultivating trust through experience

Samsung approached oona to launch the Galaxy S23, renowned for its Nightography feature — an AI-driven optimization tool that ensures impeccable photos even in low-light conditions. Tasked with the challenge of transforming Nightography from a *not so new* specification (the feature launched in 2022) into a tangible, hands-on experience, our goal was to connect with a generation that values tangible proof over mere promises and marketing.

Recognizing that Gen Z seeks more than just product information to build trust, we strategically directed our focus toward those who come alive at night and enjoy live experiences. A vibrant community often found at concerts, gigs and festivals. Our objective was to fully immerse them in a unique Nightography experience, allowing them to organically shape their own opinions.

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A next-gen approach

Our strategy came to life with a once-in-a-lifetime Nightography concert featuring Belgian DJ and music producer Felix De Laet, aka Lost Frequencies, hosted exclusively for Samsung Members. To secure tickets, members simply needed to subscribe. Those who wanted to compete for the opening act had to take part in a TikTok challenge by duetting Lost Frequencies.

To launch the campaign, we created stunning visual and social-first videos with Felix De Laet. This allowed us to create a conversion-driven social media approach native to TikTok and Reels.

Moreover, we invited 21 influencers, each accompanied by a guest, who actively contributed to creating a buzz. These ambassadors played a dynamic role in promoting the concert, interacting on Instagram with stories before, during and after the event. Some even participated in the TikTok challenge themselves, adding an authentic and genuine touch to the campaign.

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The power of creative freedom

The concert at Ancienne Belgique transformed into a visual spectacle, showcasing the boundless capabilities of the Nightography mode. The 2,000 attendees became part of the experience by getting their photos taken with the Galaxy S23.

Using QuickShare, these images were displayed in real-time on screens positioned behind the DJ booth and on the ceiling, transforming them into a cornerstone of the show. Moreover, multiple Galaxy S23 smartphones streamed the event live on the screens creating a powerful interaction between the audience and the stage.

The impact of our immersive experience resonated far beyond the concert hall, proving that innovation is best experienced.

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