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Amber Dewaele

Amber is an Antwerp-based furniture designer reshaping visual objects through her unique, bold and playful lens. She effortlessly merges functionality with creativity, tapping into her roots in industrial product design.

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Andy Huizenga

Andy Huizenga is a passionate model and skincare enthusiast on a mission to spread smiles and showcase his path to flawless skin. Scroll through Andy's TikTok account for diverse beauty routines, product recommendations, and tips to keep your skin radiant and healthy.

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Elisabeth Lucie Baeten

From 'Katrien from Political PR' to 'Showbiz PR with Julie', Elisabeth Lucie Baeten turns politics, showbiz and other sensitive topics into hilariously relatable comedy on Instagram and TikTok. With two books under her belt and a sequel in the works, Elisabeth also co-hosts the podcast 'Tater bij de Wijn' with her best friend Paula.

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Frederik Heyman

Were you impressed by the 3D visuals of Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour 2023? Then check out Frederik's profile! Through photogrammetry, he constructs digital worlds from historical fragments, infusing narratives with mechanically induced movements and precisely timed text.

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Fatima Zibouh

Fatimah is a vibrant force in the inclusion and diversity landscape, renowned for her powerful advocacy and insightful research. With a keen insight into the dynamics of social change and dedication to promoting equity, Fatimah offers more than just a roadmap to inclusivity; she also challenges existing narratives, inspiring transformative conversations.

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Joline Van Den Oever

Follow Joline for an inspiring blend of design, travel, and a unique storytelling perspective. As a freelance design and travel editor, she's on the forefront of Dutch design, sustainable living, and the art of slow travel. Beyond the surface, Joline delves into societal changes, exploring how creatives and designers help shape a better world and envision a sustainable future.

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Sahil Amar Aissa

As an actor, columnist for LINDA.meiden, and film/TV-maker at BNNVARA, Sahil Amar Aissa dives into writing for films, series, and opinion pieces, challenging stereotypes and uplifting marginalized groups. Since 2015, he's been the brains behind hit programs like 101TV, Kassa, Rambam, and De Racisme Kennistest.

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Pien Wekking

Follow Pien for the best no-nonsense recipes! What started during the 2020 lockdown by sharing dishes meant for the monthly dinners her friends had to miss, is now a foodie sensation. Her creations are dinner party-worthy, each one a feast for the eyes and taste buds!

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Bram van der Hallen

As a recognized LinkedIn Community Top Voice, Bram's profile is a must-follow for updates on Meta Ads, Google, and TikTok. Stay tuned for valuable insights into the latest updates and strategies in digital advertising, especially the world of Facebook Ads.

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Thirza King

Thirza King chased her dreams all the way to the Netherlands, where she carved a successful path in the makeup scene. Known as one of the top makeup artists, Thirza creates playful looks inspired by the latest fashion trends, which in turn serve as an inspiration for her followers.

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Tess Scholten

For hands-on marketing tips targeting younger demographics, Tess should be your go-to as she uses her platform as an educational tool in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. With expertise in TikTok and other emerging platforms, she delves into insightful analyses, sharing the secrets behind effective brand strategies.

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Olave Nduwanje

Olave is a compelling advocate for social justice and an influential voice in transgender and intersex rights. Her eloquent activism and poignant writing shed light on critical issues, driving forward the dialogue on gender and racial equality. Olave's fearless dedication to visibility and representation sets her apart, making her a key figure to watch for anyone committed to understanding and advancing the nuances of identity and inclusion.

Olave Talks
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Jordy Arthur Vaesen

Through his social media platforms, fashion designer and content creator Jordy Arthur creates inspiring content for clients such as Volvo, Bulldog Gin, Givenchy Beauty and Nona Source, always bringing it back to his love of fashion. So if you're looking for unique fashion inspo, make sure to check him out. As he puts it himself, "the best is yet to come”!

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Sara Dubbeldam

Sara Dubbeldam, founder of When Sara Smiles, centers her platform on fair and sustainable clothing. Through her critical insights into the fashion industry, a detailed 'Fair Brands Index,' and personal reflections, she aspires to bring a breath of fresh air to the complex world of sustainable fashion, making it a more enjoyable and transparent experience for all.

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Nina Maat

Through MUCE, Nina has created a dynamic platform that promotes circular economy using creative collaborations. Bringing together artists, organizations, companies, and knowledge institutions, she aims to show that circularity is interesting for everyone.

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Duncan Massink (Djuncan)

Duncan's a passionate gaming enthusiast, tech lover, and AI aficionado! Follow him across various social media channels for a firsthand look into his gaming adventures and tech insights.

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Victor Avonds

If you’re looking for your next culinary adventure in Antwerp, Victor Avonds' restaurants are a must-try! In addition to her flagship, Restaurant Victor, this Lady Chef of the Year nominee launched Victor Boterhammen in 2023, where exquisite bread meets quality ingredients. With a heart for creative cuisine and local, seasonal products, Victor boldly carves her own gastronomic path, inviting you to savor a unique culinary experience.

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Tess van Zalinge

Meet Tess van Zalinge, Dutch fashion designer and one of Harper's Bazaar’s Women of the Year. She designs eco-friendly collections solely from recycled materials, forming a conscious movement where style and sustainability unite. Follow Tess for a glimpse into how making thoughtful choices can still be undeniably fashionable!