Oona soul


oona has a warm, passionate soul. You would best describe an oona as creative, hardworking, well connected, and eager to learn. The average age of the agency’s talent is 28. We try to keep our agency agile. That can be chaotic at times. But, like Shakespeare said: there is a system in the madness.

At oona coffee is on the house, or should we say in the house: SANBA is just downstairs. In case you don’t want to take the stairs for good coffee, the coffee range of Nespresso will also do the trick. Every now and then we enjoy a stronger drink at SANBA during an after-work drink or a party.

Once a year the full oona squad goes all out in the mountains to yodelo-ooo-naaaa! The past years we countered our work hard teamgeïst with memorable play hard ski trips. We didn't get the yodeling part down but surely mastered the après-ski bit. If it would be up to our boss Werner, we would go to the mountains every single week.

Talent LAB2


We’re passionate about nurturing upcoming talent and supporting local entrepreneurship. Through our New Talent Lab-platform, we support and guide local talent & start-ups during their first steps in the entrepreneur world.

Current talents like Façon Jacmin, Arte Antwerp, SBNMGNY, Akomi, go as U.R & Tate Urban Living see us as a front-row sparring partner. As we help these new talents push boundaries, spice up stories, develop sustainable relationships but, above all, build solid businesses. Former New Talent brands include Atelier 11, Peter Vermandere & Daisy Verheyden, Tim Van Steenbergen, Collectief N, and many more.



oona has an established reputation among young potentials. We’re proud to champion young talent within the communications industry.

We appreciate the value of a master's degree but will recruit on your personal story and affinity with our universe.

We think in terms of roles, not functions. It’s our ambition to work 70% on clients and 30% on agency innovation projects or on our new talent platform.


Everybody loves a good story. We want to create stories for everyone and include everyone when making these stories. That’s why oona is committed to creating an inclusive work environment. We aim to create stories for everyone by including perspectives from backgrounds that vary by race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, or age.

Oona learn V2

LEARNING & development

Collective leadership is a keyword in our approach to talent. In a rapidly changing world, strategic profiles with a digital-first mindset are our most important competitive advantage. Talented profiles quickly pick up job-related skills, and they need guidance in order to develop their leadership skills. Education is, therefore, an integral element in career planning at oona.

oona is one of the founding members of the Expert group PR and influencers at the ACC. And we’re proud of it. The Association of Communication Companies is an organization dedicated to the promotion of best practices within the communications industry. In 2020 we organized the first HYPRE course for young executives in our business.

oona Team

Isabeau Duerinck
Stephan Snoeckx
Anke S 2
Anke Schrauwen
Jolien Belmans
Jolien Belmans
Stephany Goncalves
Annemieke Coveliers
Romy Otto
Els 2023
Els De Kort
Noushin Shirzadi
Noushin Shirzadi
Pauline Martens
Karen B
Karen Bertho
Julie O LR
Julie Oostvogels
Amy LR
Amy Van Wingen
Renaud Goossens
Stefanie De Belder
Lauren Van Driessche
Julie Van den Meutter
Julie Van den Meutter
Birgit Hubloux
Birgit Hubloux
Shanice Engel
Shanice Engel
Audrey Verhulst
Audrey Verhulst
Evi Boits
Ángela Marín
Binette2023 LR
Binette Seck
Jady Buelinckx
Isis 2023
Isis Van Loon
Pauline VC LR
Pauline Van Caster
Lieselot Velter
Nigel Ooms
Nigel Ooms
Amélie Waterschoot
Amélie Waterschoot
Nada Klaps
Sandra 2
Sandra Amiranasjvili
Anne Cathérine
Anne-Cathérine Verellen
Sofie Pintens
Sofie Pintens
Myrthe LR
Myrthe Spall
Valerie Kerstens
Valérie Kerstens
Shari new
Shari Denise Kamwa
Julie G 6
Julie Geilenkirchen
Bodil LR
Bodil Van Boven
Jitske De Locht
Nanou Van Dyck
Theo Bakana
Gert Kerkstoel
Gert Kerkstoel
Lauranne Debbaudt
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Milena LR
Milena Casu
Maura 0
Maura Volders
Sophie Simons
Lana LR
Lana Stuckens
Christin Ho
Christin Ho
Melwin Koopmans
Melwin Koopmans
Feline Lieben
Robbe 2
Robbe De Graeve
Francine De Caluwé
Francine De Caluwe
Elisabeth Hellebaut
Yaël Junggeburth
Yaël Junggeburth
Angela D
Angela Donskaia
Werner De Smet
Mustafa 2
Mustafa Khan
Manon Gerlo
Manon Gerlo
Heleen new
Heleen Lalisang