With over nine years experience in the international lifestyle industry, Lieselot gathered know-how from a wide range of disciplines. After years of moving corporate mountains at Eastpak, she was longing for a change in direction. That brought her straight to oona, because “oona has a fresh, edgy spirit. That of an agency of the future. They have a creative and novel way of thinking that’s hard to find in corporates.” From now on, she will be leading one of oona’s key Benelux teams.


Working in marketing, Lieselot felt a change in paradigms. Telling a good story is one thing. But bring it out into the world, that’s something else entirely. “Content, socials, influencing… It’s all strategy. More than that, it comes first”, Lieselot says.Oona gets that, that’s why oona is steadily moving up in the food chain.”


oona’s scale of operation has grown beyond our borders. Werner De Smet, founder and CEO, attests to this. “We started as a Belgian company back in the day. But the scope of our operations quickly grew across the borders, to the Netherlands. More and more, clients are looking for a Northern-European approach.” Big plans call for big shoes to fill. More and more, clients are looking for an approach that works beyond borders, making socials & influence marketing work to the same tune in several countries without having to hire several agencies. For oona, bringing on board Lieselot Velter is a way to consolidate this international M.O. even further.

“I felt attracted to oona’s young and dare-devil identity. Oona doesn’t do things the traditional way. You feel that. Instead, they invent new ways, spearheading into the future. And I want to be part of that.”

— Lieselot Velter, Team Lead & Communications Manager

And she’s more than welcome to join the oona family. “We’ve had her on our radar for some time now,” De Smet says. “She knows the world of community-driven lifestyle brands. I expect her to be the ideal fit to lead a growing team, as she is equipped with loads of experience and the right managing skills.”


Lieselot knows how to manage people in a growing team, bringing experience and drive to the table. She knows the world lifestyle brands like the back of her hand and displays great ingenuity in overseeing big projects for community-driven brands.


oona is a digital-first communication agency. Combining storytelling, social media and content marketing, we keep up the pace with a world that changes at lightning speed. In that world, which is increasingly digital, we believe that real relationships matter most. Only by connecting the personal with the digital can you truly craft stories that people find fascinating. Don’t take our word for it, ask our clients like Samsung, Levi’s, Diageo, Nike, Nespresso en IKEA. Because they all love a good story.


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