oona has an established reputation among young potentials. We’re proud to be a stepping stone for young talent within the communications industry.

We appreciate the value of a master's degree but will recruit on your personal story and affinity with our universe.

We think in terms of roles, not functions. It’s our ambition to work 70% on clients and 30% on agency innovation projects or on our new talent platform.

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Collective leadership is a keyword in our approach to talent. In a rapidly changing world, strategic profiles with a digital-first mindset are our most important competitive advantage. Talented profiles quickly pick up job-related skills, and they need guidance in order to develop their leadership skills. Today the ‘Start to Lead’ training program is an integral element in career planning at oona.


oona is one of the founding members of the Expert group PR and influencers at the ACC. And we’re proud of it. The Association of Communication Companies is an organization dedicated to the promotion of best practice within the communications industry. This year we organized the first HYPRE course for young executives in our business.

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