1. Value in Collaboration: The Kardashians have demonstrated the power of collaboration through successful brand partnerships. Kim Kardashian's collaboration with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic led to the creation of the highly successful KKW Beauty line. By combining their individual expertise, they leveraged their respective audiences and created a mutually beneficial partnership. PR professionals can learn from this by seeking collaborations that align with their brand values, amplify their reach, and provide unique offerings to their target audience.

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A great example of this is the collaboration between Samsung & ARTE. It showcases how a tech mogul can gain deep credibility in the fashion universe by partnering up with a local hero like ARTE. They in return got great visibility & access to a new community that might otherwise not have heard of them.

Check out the full case here: Samsung x ARTE

2. Power of Cross-Platform Thinking: The Kardashians have a strong presence across multiple platforms allowing them to connect with diverse audiences. They effectively utilize platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to engage their followers. Kim Kardashian's cross-platform thinking is evident through her Instagram presence, where she shares personal moments, promotes her brand collaborations, and gives glimpses into her family life. Every platform requires a tailored approach, because every platform tailors to specific communities.

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The ability to declinate a campaign into content native to different platforms allows brands to optimize their efforts & investments. A great example of this is how we launched Sidestep in Antwerp. We collaborated with 6 influencers not only for their reach & platform, but also for their talent & skillset. We maximized our impact by rolling out the assets across all their channels (OOH, activation, social media, web, …)

Curious? Go sneak a peek at the Sidestep Case

3. Crisis creates opportunity: Kim Kardashian has truly mastered the art of turning crisis into opportunity. Next to her initial unfortunate claim to fame, another notable example of this is when Kim Kardashian faced backlash and criticism for a controversial social media post promoting a weight loss product. Rather than shying away from the controversy, Kim took a proactive approach. She addressed the concerns raised by her audience and used the incident as an opportunity to engage in a genuine conversation about body image, self-acceptance, and the potential harms of promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

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When Wouters & Hendrix decided to leave the Responsible Jewellery Council because of their stance in the Ukraine war, it was a bold & swift decision – but not without any risks. Discover how we helped W&H turn this decision into a statement of their values here: A lesson in brand integrity by Wouters & Hendrix.

4. Know Your Community: The Kardashians excel at understanding their community and catering to their interests. For example, Khloe Kardashian's Good American brand embraced body positivity and inclusivity, resonating with a wide range of consumers. From her own experience she knows this community through and through, and it’s close to her heart.

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When tailoring your approach to engage a specific community, it’s always important to speak their language. If you’re not part of the community, involve people that are. It's not a “fake it ‘til you make it” matter. By involving the community with writing your approach, you make sure that you don’t make any mistakes that could potentially hurt your brand.

Think we’re all hardcore gamers at oona? Nope. But our Samsung Game-Off case proves that working with a community works.

5. Dare to Make Noise: The Kardashians are renowned for their ability to create buzzworthy campaigns that generate attention and excitement. Kim Kardashian's fragrance launch, where she sent personalized fragrance bottles to her friends and enemies, garnered significant media coverage and created a buzz on social media.

Professionals can learn from this by daring to be bold, creative, and innovative in their campaigns. Taking risks, thinking outside the box, and delivering captivating experiences can help PR initiatives stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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