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To woo young cheese lovers, Burgundian Belgians, those seeking a premium yet approachable experience, and the trendsetting Brussels 'it'-crowd, we conceptualized a four-week cheese croquette pop-up restaurant with attention to premium quality and sustainability at Rebel. This wasn't just any spot; Rebel is a wine bar in the heart of Flagey, one of Brussels’s vibrant cultural hotspots. It's a place where the casual passerby meets the connoisseur, where the street buzz meets the clink of fine wine glasses. Here our CHeesy concept found its perfect stage.

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Partnering for maximum impact

In our quest for culinary greatness, we didn't just settle for a prime location – we stirred the pot with a fusion of communities, brought together by a series of inspired collaborations.

We teamed up with a carefully curated group of Belgian chefs and crèmiers - a blend of established and emerging talents - to create three unique cheese croquette recipes, each a love letter to the versatility and richness of Cheeses from Switzerland. This resulted in a diverse menu featuring 11 mouth-watering cheese croquettes and 1 arancini.

Chef Grégoire Gillard of Barge joined forces with the cheese experts of La Fruitière, while the talented duo behind Flamme were guided by the expert advice of Hélène and Lara Milan, the founders of cheese dairy Sœurs.. Chef Victor Avonds collaborated with the affineurs of Van Tricht, a trusted house known for producing fantastic cheeses, and Valentin Norberg, Charlie Guilliams, and the team at Liquorette By Alfonse drew inspiration from the exceptional cheese platters of the passionate cheese experts at Chez Maître Corbeau. Beyond the pop-up, the artisanal creations of the duos also found a home at the crèmiers, delighting cheese enthusiasts across the country.

Extending our culinary canvas

But our tale of taste doesn’t end there, starting with a buzz-worthy launch event. We rolled out the red carpet for key journalists and influencers, offering them a first taste of CHeesy's culinary delights. This set the stage for an ongoing conversation in the foodie community. Further amplifying our impact, we also joined forces with the local culinary oracle, Le Fooding, and tapped into the artistic flair of Brussels-based painter Bieke Buckinx to add a touch of local. Last but not least we collaborated with Brussels restaurant guide Brussels’ Kitchen and singer Mathieu Terryn to ensure that CHeesy was celebrated not just as a pop-up, but as a culinary statement.

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Our approach and strategy not only resulted in extensive media coverage and social media reach but also marked a significant revival for Cheeses from Switzerland. CHeesy emerged as a culinary hotspot, enchanting the hearts and taste buds of today’s generation. As we wrapped up our four-week gastronomic journey, a collective sigh of 'if only it lasted longer' rippled among our patrons. This bittersweet finale underscored a clear truth: Belgium's love for Cheeses from Switzerland runs deep, leaving us pondering the tantalizing possibility of another tasty adventure…

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