At the invitation of Newsweek Belgium, philosopher, author, and historian Yuval Harari would give a keynote “The Future of Sapiens” in the Lotto Arena at the end of January 2020.

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We were invited to feed into the hype and generate broad coverage to be able to sell 5,000 tickets. However, there was one little problem: we could not offer interviews with Harari as he had an exclusive with Canvas. So we came up with the idea to set-up interviews with key opinion leaders on how Harari was a source of inspiration for them. To name a few: Bart De Wever and Lieve Scheire. Next to that we set Twitter on fire with selected Twitter opinion leaders.

With just the right 7 people we created the idea that "half of twitter was invited".

Newsweek the future of sapiens

In the end, 5,000 souls attended the "The Future of Sapiens" keynote. Thanks to a well-thought-out communications strategy, we kept the buzz going even after the event. The strategic collaboration with this contemporary Socrates helped to position Newsweek as a real thought leader.

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