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Women and Levi’s® jeans go way back. But even the best relationships sometimes have an occasional bump in the road. When Levi’s® came to us, they were coping with what we like to call ‘the yoga pants problem’. Women simply adored those comfortable pants and got a little too comfortable if you ask us, giving Levi’s® the cold shower.

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Levi’s® answer was Lot 700, a collection of six custom cuts based on an international study researching female body types. We developed a strategy to create cultural relevance for Levi’s® Lot 700 within local female communities, telling the story in three chapters together with six local thought leaders; stylist Layna Isle Vancauteren, singer Isolde Van den Bulcke, graphic designer Louise Mertens, PR power woman Marie-France Vodikulwakidi, hairdresser Hiske Van Den Wouwer (The Pony Club) and actress Moora Vander Veken. Each with their very own, unique body type and all coming from and appealing to different fields of play. These women were influencers before the word influencer even existed.

The Levi’s® - Lot 700 was our first project ever for our longtime client Levi’s®. This case has been the blueprint of how we still work since it laid the foundation of a mechanism that we still use today; creating cultural relevance within communities by making local connections with cultural TRAILBLAZERS or thought leaders.

— Shanice Engel, Associate Partner

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We addressed and impressed the press during a fashion infused launch event, got the bloggers on board with a personalized fitting session, and, as a grand finale, showed the versatility of the Lot 700 collection in an exhibition. An integrated approach that succeeded in getting the right localized content to the right people. In short: network effects guaranteed & bye-bye yoga pants!

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