More work calls for more able minds and rolled up sleeves. This is why oona saw 22 on-boardings this year and has decided to create a fifth business unit, focused only on social growth. In the lead is Renaud Goossens, former Experience Director at AIR, ex-DDB with a past at Leo Burnett. While he is new at oona, his track record proves he is well-versed in all things digital.

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“I believe Renaud can make a substantial difference in scaling up our agency’s social-first expertise.”

— Werner De Smet, Founder at oona

“Renaud is a digital native with a strong expertise in digital campaigning, but at the same time someone who understands the context and reality businesses and brands are in. Strange but true: this is a one-of-a-kind profile”, says Werner De Smet, founder at oona. “I believe he can make a substantial difference in scaling up our agency’s social-first expertise.”

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On his end, Renaud is proud to join a company that he calls “an agency for the age of influence.” He believes that oona is ahead of the curve, compared to the competition. “The market isn't fully aware of the true potential oona has. With a full creative content studio and a conversion-led growth hub, we have every skill to lead businesses through the age of influence.”

“For forward-thinking brands, oona is already taking the place of traditional agencies.”

— Renaud Goossens, Director of Social Growth

To Renaud, this is thanks to the company culture: “The best is yet to come here. We have a great team, bathed in an everlasting start-up culture. You can feel the drive in every corner of the company, and you can tell oona has the potential to become a leading agency, even beyond the Benelux.”


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Renaud Goossens is a digital “do it all”, having worked in the field of advertising and marketing since 2009. He believes technology and innovation can truly enhance the relationships people have with each other, but also with brands, products and services. After working as Head of Digital at DDB, Business Director at Leo Burnett and Experience Director at AIR, he now joins oona - the perfect match for his views on communication at large.


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