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Communications Advisor Francisco has been fascinated by brand identities for a long time and made a job out of it. As a little six-year-old, they used to spend their days writing down fairy tales in a little notebook. Those fantasy stories became the music and scripts Francisco writes professionally now. “I got the first taste of it when I started hanging out with people from the music industry, and that's when I knew 'the creation of brand identities' was my calling.”

Francisco’s presence in the music industry of the Netherlands and its surroundings developed into a network professional to pull strings left and right and the Communications Advisor sure knows the advantages of it. “The moment I started broadening my horizon and expanding my network, it made me grow as a person ànd as an oona. So the more I explore, the more I'll succeed at my job.”

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In between music sessions, even lyrical masterminds need their spark of inspiration from time to time to stay on top of their game and Francisco knows exactly where to find it.

“To me, the best branding product of all time is the visual album of Daft Punk, Interstella 555. It's just a perfect 360° approach. The album has music, characters, an anime, action figures, a full story, video clips, ànd the album itself. It's the most complete product ever, and it continues to inspire me every day.”

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Francine, Communications manager in the Food and Beverage team, got her passion for cooking from her mom. “My mother loved cooking on the daily and passed that on to me. She used to stroll through the store food aisles to discover new products from all kinds of cultures, and so do I now.”

Turning her love for food into her way of working makes Francine an oona expert. “When you’re cooking a tasteful dish, you need high-end ingredients. The same goes for oona: your results will boom when you invest in sustainable client relationships, make time for journalists, and get to know the media and influencers. That's when you secure more in-depth conversations and accelerate your work.”

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Her need for networking also explains why Francine presses the importance of sharing her expertise with young oona talents in the food community. “Everything starts on the field, I feel it’s important to take the younger generation with you to an editorial office tour for example and get them in touch with the editors in chief of certain media.”

Francine always passes on her knowledge to future food experts by showing them the important details. “When we organize a production. I show young talents the process of making a moodboard. I teach them how to decline certain ideas in real life or how to brief creatives like a photographer. In general their passion for food and beverage is already a given,the one thing I add to it, is a lesson in how to set the standard.”