Voices of different communities

Consumers -especially young ones- do more than consume, they consume consciously. Most customers don't just ask for change but demand it. They're not only vocal about their interests and needs on social media, but through their buying behavior too: by choosing brands that share their values.

Brands and media got the message, loud and clear. Just look at the rise of eco-special magazine issues, the million-conscious hashtags on social media and sustainable packaging. However, authenticity and sincerity are essential. Only the real deal convinces.

That's why brands need to (re)position themselves and ask vital questions: What do we stand for? What is our higher purpose? How can we support (local) communities? oona's new team helps and guides brands through this journey and self-exploration.

A meaningful multi-channel approach catering to all audiences

As a community-first agency, oona is constantly listening, absorbing, and learning from different communities. We've always known how to create credible stories, land your message(s) authentically and reach relevant communities. This time around, we're delving even deeper.

Our 'Purpose' team, headed by Associate Partner Karen Moreaux, aims to be your strategic partner by exploring your brand meaning and creating a multi-channel communications plan that resonates with different target audiences. Christin Ho, with a strong background in gender equity and inclusive marketing, and Charlotte Marron, experienced in consumer and corporate communications for tech brands like Spotify and Klarna, complete the team. David Steegen (ex. Head of Communications at RSC Anderlecht) gives the necessary depth to the team with his knowledge of public affairs and corporate communications.

Telenet and Samsung are the first clients ready to streamline their communications strategy together with oona's new expert center.

Customers, future employees, and stakeholders expect companies to be vocal on important topics such as inclusion and diversity, or be clear on what we stand for as an employer. As Telenet, we want to be much more committed to this and count on our strong partnership with oona to engage the right audiences with inspiring and impactful communication about our purpose.

— Annelies Nauwelaerts, responsible for CSR & thought leadership at Telenet

Samsung Electronics has been at the forefront of innovations over the last 50 years. The next 50 years will depend on the next generation of talents. We are therefore committed to empowering future generations to achieve their full potential, enabling them to build a better world for all by providing diverse education programs. For our new program ‘Talents of the Future’, we could not think of a better partner than oona to embark on this exciting journey.

— Sven Adams, responsible for CSR & thought leadership at Samsung Electronics