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A day well-fed is a day well spent, that’s the new mantra of many after lockdowns with a ‘treat yourself’-culture. People learned to explore their love for food again and that went side by side with comfort food. This time we’re celebrating carbs in all their elegance. Violating our stomachs with lasagna is moving to the no go zone and got replaced by vegetable stews & stuffed pasta. Italian food rose to fine perfection with the most diverse flavor combinations and new forms of ravioli and tortellini. Deep-fried ravioli with wasabi ketchup? Robert Kranenborg & Leonardo Pacenti made those pasta dreams come true at Rue de Ravioli.

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In 2022 we welcome a new era of appreciating the utmost peace of eating in the comfort of our own company. In the last year, society got closer to their food soul and a reservation for one got a renewed appreciation. Restaurants didn't let that go unnoticed either and are spoiling their solo diners with kitchen view bars. One of those trendsetters who’s treating tongues and eyes is la pristine.

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Reusing food waste and reducing it into greener solutions is becoming 2022’s way of life. Food companies saw the advantages of integrating technological processes to upcycle the ingredients on our plates. This innovation of turning waste from different food processes into new offerings is seen as a blessing by the food community. ReGrained is a pioneer who took that by heart and turned spent grain from beer production into energy bars.

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In a post-pandemic world, we all crave the relief and freedom of calming spaces far away from the overstimulating city. That’s why flagship fine-dining restaurants are popping up in the countryside, closer to their producers, staff and the land. We’re witnessing a new era of restaurants becoming destination experiences like Breakfast in the woods or fine-dining on the lake.

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A private chef used to be common and now forgotten, but trends are all about bringing history back, and that’s precisely what food enthusiasts are doing. Inviting a chef of your liking into your own kitchen is becoming a home experience cherished by many. On the private chef suggestion menu? Chef Catanzaro from La Brasseria Da Mauro.