Rewind to the romantical TikTok beginning: whipped coffee was the way to go and Dixie D'Amelio the highlight of our day. Some thought it was weird and suspicious, but in the end, we all caved to the TikTok hype. Still a little lost on the creator page? oona's Influencer Marketing Expert for Samsung Feline carefully listed 10 TikTok talents to keep an eye on.


Looking for the personification of self-made success? Vidal Alex is your guy because this TikTokker from Brussels sure knows how to create top-notch content. He started from the lockdown bottom, and now he's here: being the king of GTA and rap TikToks. He even used his time and TikTok fame wisely and released his first self-made short movie in 2021, the power of TikTok is great!


Margot infiltrated among the early TikTok adapters back in the ancient days. The social platform has no secrets for her because Margot finessed all the trends. How she's using that wisdom on TikTok? By blessing her followers with a peek into her daily college life! Add a little fashion spice to it, and her views are all set to go viral. When Margot is not busy living the TikTok life, she's expanding her jewelry brand Passero, she didn't choose the entrepreneurial influencer life, it chose her!


Meddy came straight out of the 'quarantine made me do it’-generation. That spirit and her funny sketches took her all the way to the Jamie awards. Meddy takes the Oh My Goth to a different level, and every Gen Z'er relates!


Who is the inventor of 'Let's pick an outfit’? We're not really sure, but our bets are on Luna. This TikTok fashionista provides the for you page with comfy looks to slay in. Luna is not afraid to show her true self in bright colors and bold outfits. Solo trips to Copenhagen and learning the reversed shuffle: Luna shows it all! The cherry on top: her motivational talks to focus on your own peace!


Unless you've been living under a rock, you already saw Guillaume passing by on Instagram or YouTube. The world got blessed because this Wallonian comedian found his way to TikTok! Gaining 63K followers in only three months that's a growth thing only Guillaume can claim. Content creation is not a new thing for this guy, he just made the clever switch to the platform where his people were.


Are you even on TikTok if you haven't seen Lisa? This bright little ray of sunshine lets you in on all her teenage life problems, and we love to see it. Some even call her the Dutch version of Emma Chamberlain, but Lisa adds thrifting tips and advice on money-saving to it. What do we even need more?


In need of a good laugh after a rough day? Say no more, Rhodé got you covered. With Live love LAUGH as her mantra, your new favorite TikTokker sees everything from the bright side of life like no one else.


This vlogger found her way to TikTok and came to stay. Skincare, hairtok, she's on it! Farrah taught herself how to do extra makeup looks and is passing on the glam knowledge. Definitely a TikTok account to keep a (smokey) eye on …


Ever wondered what life in a Surinamese family looks like? Xavier opened up his home to do so with pleasure. Treat yourself to an evening of binging his family TikToks with his girlfriend and their adorable daughter (cuteness overload!).


In love with makeup? Look no further! Kaefer creates the craziest makeup looks you have ever seen! If that isn't enough to get you onboard (which is very unlikely), he has the talents on a roll; transitions, dancing…, he does it all! Everyone knows TikTok wouldn't be TikTok without the infamous transitions, but nobody can handle them like Kaefer.

If it's not clear by now, we'd love to spell it out for you: everything is possible on TikTok. All kinds of content styles have their TikTok fame. When working with TikTok influencers as a brand, it is essential to fully understand the TikTok culture. TikTok runs on authenticity, and the content differentiates from the platforms we are already used to, like Instagram.

What you see is what you get over here. TikTok lovers enjoy less curated content, and the picture-perfect ideal is nowhere to be found. The influential creators know by now how to implement brands into their own style. Of course, there are other elements to keep in mind, like the number of followers and the engagement rate, but if the creator you work with can showcase your brand in a very organic and subtle way, you have a big shot at reaching the ultimate TikTok goal: going viral!