There is no doubt that technology makes our life better or that our screens enrich our lives in many ways. But are we always smart about it? With #TelenetGO, oona and Telenet encourage people to get the best out of their screens through inspiring lectures and interviews. We set up workshops and masterclasses together with experts, ambassadors, and influencers. In addition, at #TelenetGO we don't shy away from more sensitive topics such as phubbing, sextortion, digital well-being, ...

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Telenet developed .condom as a digital alternative to the offline one. With the .condom app Telenet developed a sexting app that helps to protect your photos against unwanted sharing with third parties. As not the maker, but the diffuser should fall into shame.

To launch the .condom app and to broaden the social debate around sextortion, Telenet looked at oona. So, we curated a series of smart talks where the microphone was given to leading but diverse voices on contemporary sexuality. Speakers included Jozefien Daelemans (mother of 2, editor-in-chief of Charlie Magazine & author of The Naked Truth), Dr. Joris Van Ouytsel (senior researcher at UAntwerpen on youth and sexting), and sexologist Wim Slabbinck.

By involving different critical opinions, the launch of the .condom app was strengthened, Telenet's credibility was honed and sextortion was made more socially negotiable.

Sharenting Kelly Pfaff

Sharenting with Kelly Pfaff

78% of Flemish parents are active on social media, and more than half of them put (too many) photos and videos of their offspring on the internet. This phenomenon is called sharenting. What’s most striking: few parents take a critical look at what they share.


As part of the #TelenetGO campaign, which aims to make people connect with their screens in a meaningful way, by informing and inspiring them, Telenet wanted to open up the discussion about sharenting in families. This with the ultimate goal to make people engage in a more creative, positive, and interactive way, during their screen time.

Sharenting Anne Cornut

To bring sharenting information and advice across, we opted for content creation in the form of smart talks. We took care of all content and practicalities and invited six influential experts on the topic, such as a school director, psychologists (Nina Mouton), mom bloggers like Anne Cornut, and celebrity mom Kelly Pfaff. In open interviews, they all shared their behavior and advice. That, together with the input from a client survey and some teenager talks about their perspective on the matter, was put on the Telenet platform. By building this broader and locally relevant framework, societal tongues started to roll.

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