After several years of having Johnnie Walker as a PR client, this was the first time we had the opportunity to really dip our hands into their digital content. The result? A classical 360° campaign that embodied their message, made even more robust with our personalized approach.

Johnnie Walker campaign

The goal was to position the redesigned iconic bottles as the perfect gift on top of the friendship reunion message. Simply gifting the influencer, the bottles was not an option. We organized a ton-sur-ton shoot: red on red & gold on gold, inspired by the new bottle design aesthetic. This created the ultimate celebratory atmosphere. We also ensured a strong and diverse Benelux ambassador selection relevant within the media during the campaign's run.

However, the true holiday spirit of gifting was still missing. We decided to use the portraits as an ode to someone special in their life. This also aligned with Johnnie Walker's mantras of "Keep on Walking" and "Pushing Boundaries" but gave the influencers a personal touch. We set up a PR approach where we gifted two bottles to journalists, one for themselves and one to give away to a loved one. Resulting in a great understanding of the perfect gift.

Sometimes you need to look further than the briefing of a client. By thoroughly researching their mantras, we selected influencers who had momentum and inventive spirit and centered their talent to let them shine.

— Heleen Lalisang, Communications Advisor

To push the content, we suggested a social boost campaign on Instagram stories with swipe-up links to the sales partner, which turned into actual sales. In the end, we created an in-depth campaign that raised awareness and actual consideration and sales.

In a short period, we were able to create great authentic, local content. The concept of the icon shoot was even replicated in other markets such as Poland and Germany. In the end, we accelerated as a digital agency that knows how to create content and get the most out of our ambassadors.

We believe in the power of content co-creation together with the influencers to get the best out of the ambassadors and the brand.

— Elfi Josemans, Client Service Director

Johnnie Walker numbers