The goal was to create a campaign highlighting the brand new Streamz series: Mijn Slechtste Beste Vriendin. A show about 6 women in the office who share everything: work, friendship, laughter, lies – and maybe even men. We had to bring the characters to life – not only on TV, but also on social media. Moreover, establish it as a talking point amongst girlfriends.

Galentines Day 3

We wanted to position the series as the ultimate guilty pleasure and NOT just another primetime soap opera.

That’s why we decided to create a capsule wine collection with Niet Nu Laura (Laura Janssens) and Make Your Own Spirit. Because what goes better with guilty pleasure than a good bottle of wine?

Galentines Day 2

The wine labels were all inspired by the show and featured some funny quotes. On the Make Your Own Spirit website, the customer was able to choose among 4 wine labels. They were also able to personalize the bottle by adding some text on the back. Every order came with a personalized MSBV wine bottle, a set of MSBV postcards also designed by Niet Nu Laura and a voucher for a free month of Streamz.

Since MSBV revolves around (female) friendship, we decided to say bye bye to Valentine’s Day and hello to Galentine’s Day. No, it’s not a typo. It’s a thing! Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for celebrating the love you have for your (female) friends, whether they are single or not. Basically, it’s a day dedicated to showering your closest (lady)friends with love and attention.

Valentine's Day is an oversaturated topic in PR, advertising, basically everywhere, which makes it hard in this period to stand out with your brand's communication. Using 'Galentine's Day' gave us a rather new momentum, but it was still hard to convince press to talk about it as their content planning for Valentine's Day has been set up in for months. For this reason, creating a 'product' was a big help, as press could easily add this in their shopping lists and radio stations could talk about the show whilst giving away cool packages to their listeners.

It was very fun creating a capsule collection/product from scratch. It was so nice seeing an idea that came out of a brainstorm take shape!

— Manoesj Dom, Communications Advisor oona

Also, because the campaign was focused on 'friendship', a lot of influencer content was truly authentic and didn't feel too staged or too scripted. The fact that you could personalize your wine bottle with a message to your friend, made it even more of a thoughtful gift.

Galentines Day 1

From our experience, it’s not always easy getting coverage on a show, since it is not as easily visually translatable as something you can hold or touch. But by creating and integrating a tangible product in our messaging, we were able to craft a strong influencer campaign for this series. Ultimately, giving us an opening in the shopping pages. (An opportunity which we otherwise wouldn’t have had.)

We were quite nervous at first. Another guilty pleasure series, with no previous seasons and no fan base to back it up... But when we decided to go with the Galentine's Day idea, everything started to fall into place - We got more and more confident. We’re so proud of the final product.

— Glenn Dierickx, Communications Advisor oona

Galentines Day numbers