Oona renovatios Pt 2

Sometimes I still dream about the move. About the container that needs to be loaded. The packed boxes that have to go to the storage room. The closets that just never empty. The endless elevator trips. Our carts, the ones that might lose a wheel now and then. And the screws that we no longer find.

And then, the elevator gets stuck! And my colleagues are in there and all the boxes are falling and everything is broken and we can’t get the elevator back and the firefighters aren’t here yet and they are screaming but nobody can help them!

Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve let myself go there for a moment.

I want to thank all of my lovely colleagues for their helping hands. Without them, I would still be packing and moving boxes. And I would be exhausted – and broken - by now.

T H A N K Y O U for all the effort and muscles that you’ve shown me.

Oh, just a little reminder: those boxes have to go back to the offices, you know that, right? Love you! *angel face*

Oona renovations Pt 2 4


Yes, you read that right. Our Antwerp office is going through some *major* changes. Did someone say makeover?

Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger.

+++ more productive. more beautiful. And aaaah... *dreaming* But wait.
We’re not there yet.

Oona renovations 1

These renovations just started.

Say what? Renovations?!

Yes. We planned a renovation of our office, in the middle of covid. The big PJ & Tom Mares have made some awesome plans and they are giving us the best makeover you can ever imagine. I have sparkles in my eyes when I’m writing this.

Think: open – airy – spacious – cozy – inspiring – productive – warm – vibrant.

Do I need to say more? Yes, maybe I do. Here are some pictures from the ‘before’.

And this is how it looks right now.

Oona renovations 2

Curious for what’s to come? Keep your eyes open for my next oona HQ Transformations update.