Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger.

+++ more productive. more beautiful. And aaaah... *dreaming* But wait.
We’re not there yet.

Oona renovations 1

These renovations just started.

Say what? Renovations?!

Yes. We planned a renovation of our office, in the middle of covid. The big PJ & Tom Mares have made some awesome plans and they are giving us the best makeover you can ever imagine. I have sparkles in my eyes when I’m writing this.

Think: open – airy – spacious – cozy – inspiring – productive – warm – vibrant.

Do I need to say more? Yes, maybe I do. Here are some pictures from the ‘before’.

And this is how it looks right now.

Oona renovations 2

Curious for what’s to come? Keep your eyes open for my next oona HQ Transformations update.