In partnership with leading universities

Here's how it went down: we teamed up with Samsung and four leading universities in Belgium and The Netherlands (Antwerp University, Ghent University, Free University Amsterdam, and Erasmus University Rotterdam) and handpicked 50 students for our Talents of the Future program.

All students participated in monthly master classes taught by Samsung experts and professional youth coaches. They learned about data analysis, commercial thinking, results-oriented marketing, and social media planning and even honed their interpersonal skills like personal development, giving feedback, and change management.

But it wasn't all theory. The students also got the chance to work on real assignments and pitches, and they were even invited to some cool events, like the launch of the Galaxy S23. This allowed them to gain practical experience, expand their knowledge and skills, and make valuable connections with Samsung colleagues and fellow students from other universities.

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We find at Ghent University that it definitely adds value to the students when companies, such as Samsung, bring their professional experience to the school.

— Lieven De Marez, Professor, Research Director imec-mict-UGent

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Shaping the leaders of tomorrow, today

Our goal with Talents of the Future was to teach these Gen Z students practical skills and prepare and mentor them for their future careers after graduation. It was also a golden opportunity for them to expand their network and understand their needs and expectations.

This turned out to be a recipe for success as the class of 2023 graduated successfully, and six students were selected for an exclusive traineeship at Samsung HQ. But our Talents of the Future story doesn't end here, though. As we speak, we're looking for new ambitious students together with Samsung for TOTF '23-'24! #DoWhatYouCant

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As an international technology company, we want to play an active role in the development of the next generation. 'Talents of the Future' is more than just imparting practical knowledge to better prepare students for their careers, it is also an opportunity to talk to them, and to understand their needs and expectations in a customized program. I am proud of the success of the pilot, that several top universities have joined as partners and, of course, the 50 graduating students. After scaling up the program in Benelux next year, we aspire to expand it on a European scale.

— Barbara de Schoen de Bruin, Samsung Benelux Head of Corporate Communications

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