oona was founded in 2003 as a PR agency with a distinct passion for creative storytelling and lifestyle channels. Content has remained the focus: everybody still loves a good story. Due to the constant expansion of digital channels, oona has evolved into a full-service content partner with a team of 50 digital natives in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Ghent. The integration of the growth marketing agency 'The Growth Revolution' is the next step in oona's evolution.

Everybody loves a good story

"What attracted us to The Growth Revolution is its core digital agency culture and network, and its competencies in hyper-targeting and lead generation, among others. Content and publishing are oona's core business; integrating TGR will further strengthen the performance of our digital content. The interplay of content, PR and influencer and social media channels, as well as lead generation, is developing rapidly," says CEO and founder Werner De Smet.

"At oona, we've never stopped adapting to the fast-changing world we live in. We invest in innovation. Integrating TGR is the next step in the organic expansion of our offering. We want to use our vision on content and our strong connection with various communities and channels to create a bigger and more measurable impact."

One-stop-shop for content creation and lead generation

The name ‘The Growth Revolution’ and TGR's range of services will continue to exist. The team itself, however, will be fully integrated into oona's digital content team, led by creative director Nigel Ooms.

TGR will take the content team's technical skillset to the next level. Apart from content creation (including talent collaborations), influencer marketing, social content planning and social advertising, the team will now also offer lead generation and hyper-targeting. The digital content team will double in size and capacity – resulting in a strong team of +10 digital experts, each with their own specialisation.

The story will remain rooted in oona's strong network of local communities and our insight into the ways millennials and Gen Z use digital channels today.

Content team


We are a full-service content agency with a unique vision on content, PR, social media and influencer marketing. With 50 digital natives based in Antwerp, Ghent and Amsterdam, being in touch with the latest trends in the Benelux is in our DNA. Through the interplay of traditional and hyper-targeted channels, we build brand relations with authentic and relevant content about entertainment, design & interior, beauty, food & beverage, fashion and lifestyle.

Every day, brands like Samsung, Levi's, Diageo, Nike, Telenet, Nespresso, Julia June, Niko, Neuhaus, Juttu, IKEA and others challenge us to reinvent our agency and our methods. Our continuous investment in our expanding organization provides our team with solid category expertise and cutting-edge tools.

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