Started as a boutique agency, oona is now a full-service content agency with offices in Antwerp, Ghent, and Amsterdam employing a team of +50 digital natives. Since 2003, oona has been continuously evolving to keep delivering value to its clients. And an intergenerational management team is now part of how oona stays ahead of the curve.

With Shanice and Karen, we are promoting two complementary profiles that have proven to be very strong strategically, operationally and relationally. They are both heavyweights in their field, and also have a solid dose of leadership and business development skills. They're the perfect candidates to help shape the future of our agency.

— Werner De Smet, Founder & CEO

Shanice Engel: "Internationally, influencer marketing is a multibillion-euro business with an exceptionally high and measurable conversion rate. Therefore, it is at the top of my agenda to keep pushing influencer marketing in the Benelux to the heart of the story.   And this through thorough data analysis and meaningful collabs with a mix of multinationals and up-and-coming local brands."

Karen Moreaux: "Over the past three years, I have developed the entertainment studio as a key business driver within oona. What motivates me is to start from a strong story, connect with the right communities, and generate impact across all channels."

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