You don’t do business on your own. No, you know someone who knows someone who knows someone, and at the end of the road, you have a whole network of great people in your back pocket. As it happens, Marte knows a lot of someones. No surprises there: Marte worked as Artist Marketer and Social Media Manager at Tomorrowland.


Why the change in course, though? “The smooth collaboration between Tomorrowland and oona during the Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike campaign on Streamz kept reverberating in my mind,” Croes says. The agency side of the business spoke to her, and she was eager to help oona become its future self: an agency that focuses on strategy and an integrated, cross-channel view. Cherry on top: there are a lot of strong women in strong positions at oona. “That was very apparent, even for an outsider.”

“oona knows the tricks of the trade. And I want to be led into that unique mix of specific expertise.”

— Marte Croes, Communications Manager

So what does she bring to the table? “My wide range of experience in social media and in music platforms is an asset, since oona is steadily growing beyond Belgian borders. Clients want that cocktail of specific skills. When they can’t find it abroad, they come to oona to expand their plans together. And it just so happens that international project management is right up my sleeve.” CEO Werner De Smet agrees: “Her tight international network in popular culture is priceless. With Marte’s connections and her open, driven personality, we’re excited to expand oona’s portfolio deeper into the nightlife and music industry.”


oona is always proud to champion crisp new talent. Especially when they come with niche strong suits, like a deep-rooted knowledge of music platforms. You name it, and Marte probably worked with it and found out all the possibilities the channel offers. Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, SoundCloud, Tidal, Triller, BITE… and even more international or underground platforms that most people have never even heard of.

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“Marte has a great knowledge of building brands and communities in pop culture. That’s why she’s the right fit to join oona.”

— Werner De Smet, Founder & CEO


Marte wasn’t born on a festival stage, but it can’t have been very far from it. Learning the tricks of the trade at Rock Herk, she moved onto bigger things at Tomorrowland, working her way up from the crew office to artist management and coordinating the social media of Tomorrowland’s biggest icons.


oona is a digital-first communication agency. Combining storytelling, social media and content marketing, we keep up the pace with a world that changes at lightning speed. In that world, which is increasingly digital, we believe that real relationships matter most. Only by connecting the personal with the digital can you truly craft stories that people find fascinating. Don’t take our word for it, ask our clients like Samsung, Levi’s, Diageo, Nike, Nespresso and IKEA. Because they all love a good story.


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