Theoonas soul


oona has a warm, passionate soul. You would best describe an oona as creative, hardworking, well connected, and eager to learn. The average age of the agency’s talent is 28. We try to keep our agency agile. That can be chaotic at times. But, like Shakespeare said: there is a system in the madness.

At oona coffee is on the house, or should we say in the house: SANBA is just downstairs. In case you don’t want to take the stairs for good coffee, the coffee range of Nespresso will also do the trick. Every now and then we enjoy a stronger drink at SANBA during an after-work drink or a party.

Once a year the full oona squad goes all out in the mountains to yodelo-ooo-naaaa! The past years we countered our work hard teamgeïst with memorable play hard ski trips. We didn't get the yodeling part down but surely mastered the après-ski bit. If it would be up to our boss Werner, we would go to the mountains every single week.

Talent LAB2


We’re passionate about nurturing upcoming talent and supporting local entrepreneurship. Through our New Talent Lab-platform, we support and guide local talent & start-ups during their first steps in the entrepreneur world.

Current talents like Façon Jacmin, Arte Antwerp, SBNMGNY, Akomi, go as U.R & Tate Urban Living see us as a front-row sparring partner. As we help these new talents push boundaries, spice up stories, develop sustainable relationships but, above all, build solid businesses. Former New Talent brands include Atelier 11, Peter Vermandere & Daisy Verheyden, Tim Van Steenbergen, Collectief N, and many more.

oona Team

Yasmine Comyn
Yasmine Comyn Communications Manager
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Pieter Van Der Auwera
Pieter Van Der Auwera Growth Marketer & Social Media Manager
Julie Van den Meutter
Julie Van den Meutter Art Director
Claire Trienekens
Claire Trienekens Creative Director
Audrey Verhulst
Audrey Verhulst Communications Director
Nigel Ooms
Nigel Ooms Creative Director
Lauranne Debbaudt Growth Marketer & Inbound Marketing Lead
Karen Moreaux
Karen Moreaux Associate Partner
Ezekiel Galan Creative Copywriter
Celine Beelen Communications Advisor
Jolien Belmans
Jolien Belmans Communications Advisor
Sarah Peen Andersen Art Director
Francine De Caluwé
Francine De Caluwe Communications Manager
Heleen Lalisang
Heleen Lalisang Communications Advisor
Tanée Lauwers
Tanée Lauwers Communications Advisor
Manoesj Dom Junior Communications Advisor
Anke Boers
Anke Boers Communications Advisor
Birgit Hubloux
Birgit Hubloux Founding Mother
Annebeth Bels Communications Manager
Ángela Marín Growth Marketer & Social Creative
Janneke Zuegers
Janneke Zeguers Communications Advisor
Melwin Koopmans
Melwin Koopmans Managing Partner
Yaël Junggeburth
Yaël Junggeburth Communications Manager
Nada Klaps
Nada Klaps Communications Advisor
Isis Van Loon Junior Communications Advisor
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee Communications Manager
Valerie Kerstens
Valérie Kerstens Junior Communications Advisor
Manon Gerlo
Manon Gerlo Communications Manager
Werner De Smet Co-Founder & CEO
Glenn Dierickx Junior Communications Advisor
Sofie Pintens
Sofie Pintens Communications Advisor
Elisabeth Hellebaut Communications Manager
Elfi Josemans
Elfi Josemans Client Service Director
Astrid Fraeyman
Astrid Fraeyman People & Culture Officer
Sven Haenen Communications Manager
Shari Denise Kamwa
Shari Denise Kamwa Creative Copywriter
Niels Van Roy Art Director & Creative
Noushin Shirzadi
Noushin Shirzadi Business Director
Jérémy Gretic
Jérémy Gretic Junior Communications Advisor
Amélie Waterschoot
Amélie Waterschoot Communications Advisor
Eline Van Hoydonck
Eline Van Hooydonck Communications Manager
Paulien Putman Communications Manager
Ona Bes
Ona Bes Communications Advisor
Karolina Jasinska Junior Accountant
Helen Van Den Poel De Clippeleire
Helen Van den Poel De Clippeleire Communications Advisor
Olivier Dheere
Olivier Dheere Finance Manager & Business Analyst
Astrid Goossens
Astrid Goossens Junior Communications Advisor
Shanice Engel
Shanice Engel Associate Partner
Gert Kerkstoel
Gert Kerkstoel Silent Partner
Anne Cathérine
Anne-Cathérine Verellen Creative Producer

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